Are standard library delayed switches (Ton, Toff, Tonoff) non-blocking? 1wire reliability

  • I have a need to have some delayed relays in my project. Can I rely on the delay not interfering with cyclic execution of the rest of the program?

    Also, I would like to know what the best way of resetting the 1wire bus is in case some device pulls it down. Currently I've got the Vcc line wired through a normally closed relay contact with the option of interrupting it in case a commerror shows up for some time. Currently my idea is to have a delay after the comerror gets raised, then trigger the relay to cut power to the ow bus, then turn off and turn on the ow bus, then reconnect the Vcc line. Is this a good way of avoiding 1wire related issues?

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    Hello @clueless ,

    yes the delay switches are non-blocking for the rest of your program.

    If you have Neuron or Axon that is already prepared in the HW and available in Mervis as a OW_off variable. If you set it to true, the whole bus is shut down.

    If you have UniPi 1 then this is a good start but note that 1wire devices are powered by the data so this reset must not be enough.

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