Running web HMI on Mervis RT?

  • I want to use the mervis runtime installed on my PC to work on the graphical interface without having to upload every alteration to the PLC. I am pretty sure this is supposed to be possible, but I am not sure how to access the runtime's web server after configuring it, or how to configure it correctly for that matter.

    I've tried starting it up as is, leaving the default configuration, I've tried switching DHCP on, I've tried taking a project that works on my Axon controller and deploying that to the runtime. I can't seem to get it to create a HTTP server, at least not one I can detect with nmap on my localhost.

    Is there any documentation for this?

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    Unfortunately, that is not possible. You will be missing the fastcgi server which is the bridge which translates the protocol of the RunTime to the browser

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