Mervis 74371 - Analog Out Inverted?

  • Hi,

    I just updated my UniPi1.1 devices to the new 1.7OS using Mervis 74371 and recognized that the Analog Out values have been inverted:
    formerly int=10.000 meant 0V and int=0 meant 10V
    now int=10.000 means 10V and int=0 means 0V

    Did this happen by accident?

    BTW - is there a way to smoothen the AO changerate so I can get rid of the steps? (I see it in my light when dimming up and down)
    see for instance here:


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    @ckb the inverse behavior of AO was a bug and is now fixed. Since 0 is a default value, most users do not want a default 10V after startup of the application.

    You would have to smoothen it in the SW - create your own function block which will add/deduct automatically every a part of the difference |current_voltage-target_voltage| every cycle(or every 0.1s). But honestly, this most probably will also cause visible steps in the dimming process.

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