Access the filesystem from Mervis

  • Hi all,
    i need read and write some files on Axon filesystem. is it any function in Mervis or i must
    use the WEB server to read/write the files?

    I run the VPN and in background via FTP I get configuration from server and send to server the current state of our technology.

    I looking for easiest solution for this tasks.



  • administrators

    Hello @derinex,

    Mervis does not provide users any tool to access the file system.

    Could you please describe your issue more deeply so we can figure out a proper solution for you?

  • We have IS to read write configuration and measured data. We use the FTP protocol with comma separated values. When i could use FTP protocol with CVS support, i don't need access to filesystem.


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    Hello @derinex, the Mervis is quite awkward when you want to use it in cooperation with 3rd party applications. The most straightforward way would be a ModbusTCP communication. You can find a numerous libraries for all kinds of programming languages. It could fit into your scenario, because you could still access it over the VPN. But it strongly depends on how many and what kind of data you need to exchange.


  • Thanks for answer, i use the ModBus TCP, is any cli server in Unipi repository?
    I modify my cron script to transfer setting from ftp file to Mervis registers and on other side transfer measured data from Mervis to local file. This can works without modification on server side, where is now more complicated solution.

    regards Petr