How to read PT1000 value, with Neuron S103, in mervis

  • I have been trying to connect PT1000 to Neuron S103 AO or AI without success.

    Resistance to temperature conversion has been chosen, also PT1000 is selected.

    Neuron S10x_AO_1 resulting in PLC value of -246.8609 etc..

    Tried following youtube tutorial with no success. Should I connect the PT1000 to AI or AO? I bet if I connect resistor to ao or ai, it still shows the same.

    Any ideas?

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    @Iogo Resistance measurement on S103 is available only on Analog Output (even though it sounds a bit wierd). You have to connect the sensor between AO and AGND. Did you follow the chapetr Outputof group 1 (Alternatively Resistance Analog Input–Pt1000)?

  • Well, at first, i thought it would do these all connections internally after selection has been done with the AO/AI channel to measure resistance and just put it directly to a variable, which would have been easy.. Then I tried the function block, but as you can see..nothing

    0_1509017111485_aoi module.jpg

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    @Iogo It seems that the measured resistance is really too small = 9Ω. Is it really Pt1000? And do you really have it connected?

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    Btw what are the AO_moed and AO_1 variables? Are they mapped to the HW? It should be like like this. (We might need to update the documentation)

  • They are mapped to hw, although the name does not imply that. Exactly as in your example. Did not get it to work, so I decided to add a modbus device, 4 channel analog output module and take the pt1000 temperatures through another modbus device...seemed easier way to go =)

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