Solution Contains Unknown Module References

  • I am having trouble getting my program to work with an updated Mervis IDE. I used version 2.0.5 on my old computer, and installed version 2.0.12 on my new computer. When I try to open my solution i get a popup that shows the following:

    "Solution contains unknown module references. These references will be removed."


    So when I click ok for the solution to be fixed it opens but when I try to build solution it fails and a long list of warnings shows up in the results.

    Warning Snow 0 1 Changed UID of variable $base$.$sint_to_string$.$eno$.$3f-6b-16-b5-a9-12-be-83-ec-ba-5c-e7-55-b1-fa-ad$

    I could use some help to get this straightened out, I would appreciate it


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    @Drewscm Probably there is another library used in the project which is not part of the IDE 2.0.12 - Check the References under the Executable project menu.

    The log you provided is only a warning, please post the actual error.

  • The issue I am having is the variables. What is the proper way to migrate to a new version of ide? I downloaded the configuration from the PLC, exported and imported the .hw files and added the program. I'm still missing the variables, is it possible to export the variables or am I going to need to enter them all by hand?


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    @Drewscm Is this still related to your previous question? Because the issue you described before is caused by a reference to an unexisting library - probably not copied to the Mervis folder, eg: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mervis\IDE 2.1.0 (62613)\Library

    What variables are you missing?

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