Remote connection problem [Mervis]

  • Good morning I found the abnormalities of my PI1.
    I created the program and the HMI..HO graphics downloaded all in the PLC and it seems to work properly if I connect via lan cable from my PC to the IP.
    The problem is whether I connect LAN over a HUB switch or home ADSL router.
    In theory and in practice being connected to wi-fi I should see it right? but it is not so ... I can not even ping it.
    I tried to do a second test .. I connected the PI to a Wi-Fi Access Point I use for work..and once I connect I can not reach it..what ever need to give some particular setup to the PI..this Mervis ..
    I claim that the PLC is in DHCP..0_1504770930263_Cattura.JPG

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    @TriathletC So everything solved?

  • @tomas_hora
    Fixed Thomsas .. I connected UNIPi to the network and I redesign the detect .. once found through the Mervis I have downloaded the settings .. it works ..

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