Upload to Mervis DB not working

  • I've set up History like this:

    And I have these variables in History:

    MervisDB parameters:

    If I debug the PLC I can see how the variables are stored in history. (Don't know why every 3 seconds, given that save period is one minute).

    But I can't see anything on https://db.unipi.technology/viewer.
    All I get is this message in bottom left:

    If I enter wrong credentials, then I get different message, so credentials should be ok.

    What I'm doing wrong?
    Also, is there any way to debug it on Neuron side? Eg. to see whether it is sending some data at all? I've tried "Download system log" in Mervis, but there is no mention about success or failure.

    Thank you.

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    @pavel.cernocky Did you also set the Runtime identifier? This will identify this project in all projects under your account so it is necessary to set it too.

    You will be able to log into the viewer once there are some data uploaded to the DB. Also check the database status in the System status.

  • @tomas_hora Runtime identifier is also set, should it be set to something specific or should it match something?
    What about Trigger variable name in history properties, should it be filled? I haven't found any doc about this.
    I'll check the system status as soon as I'll reach the PLC.

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    @pavel.cernocky The runtime identifier is used only to identify the project eg. 'MyFirstProject' among others. Trigger variable does not have to be set if you keep the type on Synchronnous.

    By the way, did you upload the configuration to PLC? Right click PLC -> PLC operation -> Upload configuration. Than a SW restart from the same menu might be necessary.

    Could you paste the screen of System status while in debug mode?

  • @tomas_hora OK, I got it. I was only deploying solution, but didn't uploaded configuration. It's a bit misleading to have 2 "upload" options on two different places. What each of these actions exactly does?

    Now I can see my data on https://db.unipi.technology/viewer, but it's strange, that there are missing points from one or other thermometer, only rarely there are both values at one time.

    What can cause this behaviour?


  • administrators

    @pavel.cernocky That is a feature of Mervis that it only saves the changes in the in the history/database to avoid unnecesary data. So you can see that the values between the gap are the same = value is the same during the period.

  • @tomas_hora OK, I see, that makes sense.
    Thanks a lot for your support.

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