Analog Output ? EMO-AO4/12

  • Hi ,

    I need help with EMO-AO4/12 Setup ,

    in Mervis what would be the device address of EMO-AO4/12 (hex or dec)

    how can i check if it's connected to the unipi or not

    how can i pass value to the EMO-AO4/12 analog channel buy using HMI

    Many thanks

  • Hi,

    the device address in Mervis is decimal (eg. "71" with all DIP switches on EMO set to "On"). The connection via I2C-Bus to UniPi is indicated by a LED below the address DIP switch. This is the hardware side. In Mervis you can check in debugging mode if your solution with EMO-AO5/12 works.
    I cannot answer your question regarding HMI, because I only use the PWM channels 4-12 with PI/PID-controller.

    Best regards

  • @todward many thanks for your kind support

  • administrators

    @Bassam-Alsibai Just like any other variable. Make sure that the the output can be set while in debug mode from the variable manager and then just follow the youtube mervis hmi tutorial

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