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    I have installed the mervis runtine on the Raspberri Pi. I used version 2.05 of the IDE and the runtime. This Raspberri is mounted on an UNIPI board and 2 extra relay-boards connected via the I2C bus.
    The plc is running at 16.6 ms. the I2C enpoint is updated with 565 ms. It is almost the same as the one-wire temperature meter, 661 ms.
    I tried different I2C speeds, There was no change in reaction time.
    Is this End point speed normal? or must i use another runtime version?

    I included pictures of the runtime status and the configuration.
    All tips are welcome :)

    4_1479939849905_Unipi_Relays.PNG 3_1479939849905_Mervis Status.PNG 2_1479939849905_Mervis Status I2C settings.PNG 1_1479939849905_Emo-R8 board 2.PNG 0_1479939849905_Emo-R8 board 1.PNG

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    Hello, how many I2C and 1Wire devices is in your application? The 1Wire is implemented using also the I2C bus so it is shared for both 1Wire and relays... However I tried 1 temp sensor and 1 emo-r8 with max 24ms at I2C and 46 at 1Wire.

  • @tomas_hora,

    I have one 1-wire temp -meter and 2 external I2C relay-cards (emorelay-boven and emorelay-beneden).
    These relay-cards and the unipi card are supplied by separate adapters, so the grounds are not coupled.
    Can this have influence on the speed?

    if in the program 2 relays are switched at the same time (each relay on a separate relay card), i can see that they are switched one after the other. at least 0.5 sec after each other.

    I would be nice if all relays could be switched in 100ms.

    I use the older mervis runtime (version 2.5) on a Rasberry Pi B+, is the last runtime faster or is there no difference is speeds.

    Kind regards,


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