UniPi Neuron M503 Cycle Time

  • Hello everyone,
    we bought a UniPi Neuron M503 and are trying to configure it with Mervis.

    However, we noticed the problem that the cycle time does not even correspond to the one set in the task. As an example, we have built a minimal example that should change the DO_1.01 and DO_1.02 with every cycle. At the output, however, there is only a cycle time of approx. 1 second and not 1 millisecond.

    Link to the zipped minimal example: https://cloud.hs-augsburg.de/s/iwXcKfDNRKRDzqw

    Please help us. Thank you very much!


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    Hello @matt90,
    the speed of 1ms is very optimistic and in the real life, you will not be able to get it under 10ms with Mervis. The biggest impact on the overall performance has the Autogen functionality and as I can see from the example, you have it configured on all datapoints. Please, take a look at our tutorial about proper settings: https://kb.unipi.technology/en:sw:01-mervis:autogen-hidden

    Also, be aware, that the speed is not deterministic, since the program of the PLC is running in the operating system, sharing resources with other processes.

    Best regards,

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