event based task, toggle block not working

  • The FUPLA toggle block is only working once in an event based task.
    If i setup a task with rising edge on an di input with the associated programm, the toggle block switches the output to true.
    The following inputs (rising edge) after the first executed toggle to true are completely ignored by the toggle.
    The outpout remains in true state.
    Is this a bug?

    A xor does the job right.




  • administrators

    Hi @christian,
    frankly, we don't use event based tasks at all, since it makes the program harder to read. What is your motivation to use them?

    I must say that I don't understand the first example and from what I see it leads to oscillation:


    For me, simply using the toggle in Freewheeling NormalOperationTask is straightforward and error free. We use it like this in many situations.

    If you want to directly wire DI to DO/RO, take a look at our Direct Switch functionality: https://kb.unipi.technology/en:sw:01-mervis:advanced-modes-of-digital-inputs-hidden

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