Updating functions in IDE

  • Hello,

    I've started to write some of my own function blocks/functions in Mervis IDE, however, I notice that if I update them, most of the time I need to go back to the main function block where they are called from, delete them all and put them back in again before they work when deployed.

    (i.e, I make a minor change to a function, build -> deploy -> debug) then on testing, the function block doesn't behave as it should (some or all inputs don't result in expected outputs.)

    If I delete the function block and add it again, connect it all up again, build -> deploy -> debug, it works then as expected.

    Is there a way to refresh the functions without having to delete and re-add them? If I have 20 switches, it's going to get painful if I have to delete all the functions they are connected to and re-add them all every time.


  • administrators

    Hello @robl ,

    how do you deploy the project? Are you using cold or warm restart? Do you select "clear flash variables" option?

  • Hi @tomas_hora ,

    At the moment it is set to Warm Restart. Clear flash variables is not checked.


  • administrators

    @robl Mervis tries to maintain all possible settings when uploading new program. Select the clear flash variables checkbox and test please.

  • @tomas_hora I'm not sure that made any difference.

    I have to do some more testing, (For some reason the IDE has been crashing on me a lot when I try to do certain things like delete outputs or function blocks.) but what I think is happening is that the correct logic is being uploaded to the PLC, but the "debug" output (e.g. when using manual mode switches) loses track of things after the update.

    Exiting and restarting the Mervis IDE, it seems to come back again.

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