How to set CONTROLLERTYPE to heating

  • Hi Team,
    I'm developing an exec with ST.
    I declare a var as "lib.core.V1_0.B31_Reverse_On_Off_Control_Sequence".
    By default it is setted for cooling.
    I'm trying to set for heating.
    If I use like this:
    varname (CONTROLLERTYPE:=heating);
    during the build it return the error:

    "Error Executables Exe_Termo ..... can not find the object 'heating' in the current context"

    Can you explain how it work to set the CONTROLLERTYPE into ST?


  • administrators

    Hello @arolli,
    this is described in the Mervis help files (F1). Look for "B31" and you will see that the input parameter is type "CONTROLLERTYPE" with a hint how to use it.

    Best regards,

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