1-Wire UTP cable color mapping

  • Hi all,
    this afternoon I will cable my 1-wire temperature sensor network connecting to 1-wire hub.
    I'm referring to this tutorial to prepare the connection to UTP cables. https://www.unipi.technology/tutorial/topology-of-1-wire-network-46

    What is not clear is the sequence of utp calbe color to use.
    UTP cables have 4 twisted pair: orange/white-orange green/white-green blu/white-blu brown/white brown.
    Do I need to use a particular color sequence to crimp the cable to RJ45 connector?

    Let me know

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    Hello @arolli,
    if you are using UTP cable between Neuron/Axon and the 1-Wire hub, then it is safe to stick to the original network cable pinout (TIA-568B) on both sides:


    Best regards

  • Hi Martin,
    I followed your indication and all my 5 thermostat are working fine.
    I use autodetect and they are mapped as "1W-UniversalAi.1"
    I'm able to see the temperature of all of them.
    I've another question:
    the devices I connected are "SEDtronic 1-Wire sensor variant: U1WTVS", they should measure the humidity too and .
    How to read the humidity values?
    Seem value VAD and VDD are connected to humidity and intensity of light, but need help to understand how to use them.

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    Hello @arolli,

    you'll need to use the Unica U1WT function for each sensor. It's a part of the Lib.UniPi which has to be added among the other references in the solution in Executable projects.

  • Hi Martin,
    in my 1wire bus I've 3 HUB and several sensons. Everything is working fine.
    Only problem appear when on the last port on my last hub I connected a rj45 splitter
    ( https://www.unipi.technology/1wire-hub-2-port-p50 ).
    After a while I connect the thermometer to this hub it disconnect. (it appears red in mervis)
    All RJ45 port are cabled whit pinout TIA-568B and thermometer are cabled as follow:

    +VCC: blu + blu/white
    GND: brown + green/white
    1W : green + brown/white.

    Do I need to use the same schema of connection on the thermometer atteched to 2 port splitter?
    let me know if you have suggestion how to troubleshoot the problem.

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