Mervis IDE & OS update

  • Hi all,
    I'd like to upgrade my Mervis IDE to new version "Mervis IDE 2.1.3 (74371)".
    I know it require on my NEURON the fw update to version "UniPi-Neuron-Mervis-OS-2018-09-14_v1.7-BETA"
    The procedure seems easy but I need some clarifications:

    1. do I need to update also X10 and X40 extensions module?
    2. do I need to remove and reinstall my actual Mervis IDE or I can just upgrade it on my PC
    3. the project developed on Mervis IDE 2.0.x can be loaded as is in the new 2.1.3 version?
    4. last question is my curiosity: new FW version 1.7 is compatible with previous IDE 2.0.x?

    thank for your feedback.

  • administrators

    Hello @arolli,

    just briefly, please check

    1 - You should find question in the knowledge base
    2 - You can have multiple instances of Mervis IDE installed on the same time on your PC. Mervis will ask you which version you wish to use on startup.
    3 - You should find question in the knowledge base
    4 - Yes

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