Axon serial port access

  • Due to implement new serial protocol, i need to know number of serial port on Axon.

    I try serial:x:9600,8,N,1, where the x was 1,2,5,6,7,10,11 but still i can't get in
    io.getportstatus(handle) state 0. Normally i get status=53. For Axon is not
    yet accessible any documentation for low level access.

    Could you send mi number for RS232 and RS485 port for Axon S215?


  • administrators

    @derinex Thanks for the topic. Will update the Mervis documentation for all models

    			<port id="2">RS485-1</port>
    			<port id="3">RS232-2</port>
    			<port id="10">USB1</port>
    			<port id="11">USB2</port>

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