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  • Hi all, I'm started to using mervis to control some blinds and lights. I see that in the UNIPI library there is a "blind control" module and "light control" but no documentation on how they works.
    Can someone help?

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    please check the description. The block will be documented in the next release of Mervis. Please note that this block still needs testing and is not recommended for project deployment (we cannot guarantee it work 100%).

    !! Without time setting, the block is down!!
    The block is used to control the blinds either with the up/down command or with the percentage of position and rotation. For the proper functionality of the block, it is necessary to define times of the variables.
    The STOP button works by pressing both command buttons at the same time.
    perc_rot is inactive when leaving the top position for a period of rotation_time.
    calib_time it is the time that serves to calibrate the position. Calibration runs from the angle of the direction to the starting position at the top (0%). Ideally, set it up slightly longer than the full rollout time.
    rotation_time is the transition time between the minimum and the maximum of the blinds opening. For the proper functionality of the block, it is important to correctly set this value together with rolling_time.
    time_delay is the protection period that is triggered by the falling edge of the command up (down), During which the command down (up) is blocked. (Does not apply to the STOP button)

    Input Type Description Default value
    calib_time TIME The time that calibration is running (relay up is switched ON). 0s
    cmd_down BOOL Command to scroll down. FALSE
    cmd_up BOOL Command to scroll up. FALSE
    hold_time TIME The time it takes to hold the button to automatically roll up/down. 2s
    perc_pos USINT Setting the position of the blinds in percent. 0%
    perc_rot USINT Setting the position of the blinds in percent. 0%
    re_calib BOOL Rissing edge of the signal will start the calibration. FALSE
    rolling_time TIME Time distance of limits positions (0-100%). 2min
    rotation_time TIME Time distance of limits rotations (0-100%). 0s
    time_delay TIME Protective time for changing the scrolling direction. 500ms

    Output Type Description
    relay_down BOOL Relay down is switched ON.
    relay_up BOOL Relay up is switched ON.

  • Thanks Tomas,
    Just tried and seems works fine.
    I also know from the forum that next Mervis release will improve HMI part.
    Do you know when next release will be ready?

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    Hello @arolli,
    the new Mervis release is being expected in upcoming weeks, hopefully by the end of this month.

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