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  • Hello,
    I would need to download and install MervisDB for my personal projects on my own server. Where can I buy a license so I can use it?
    Thank you in advance.

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    Hello @ikiiwii,
    the MervisDB is not publicly available. You have to contact the Mervis sales team to get a quotation. Here is more information:


  • Ok thanks for the information. There may be another solution. For my project, my client absolutely desires that I can recover the data (temperature, relay status ...) in order to store them in a database to use them for statistical purposes, which method should I use to do it? ?

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    Well you can store the data in the cloud MervisDB and you can query the data afterwards (check the api). But it depends on whether your client is OK with this.

    The MervisDB API is documented and you can "mimic" its behaviour with your application and store the data internally as you like.

  • Ok, that does not suit me at all, I need to collect a lot of data and go through a cloud does not interest me. I do not know if this has already been done but we display the data via the HMI on a web page, is it possible to add in the pages a script in js complement that would allow to send the data in a DB?

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    Then I would suggest you to study the API. It really allows you to have "gateway" that acts as a real MervisDB. In MervisIDE you would point the "Mervis DB parameters" to and your software on this server can store the data internally to MySQL, InfluxDB or wherever you like.

    Adding a custom JS scripts into HMI is not supported.

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