Tool Tips in HMI pannel...

  • Good morning I would like to know if in Mervis in the software to create HMI .. it is possible to set the Tool tips on variables to read and buttons .. I would create a HMI for blind people .. and I needed the tool tips function to associate it with the application of windows 10 that reads at the hover and translates into audio.

  • Hi!
    It's purely Javascript and DOM.
    If you have knowledge in this, you can take a look at which translates the text that you pass to in audio. With Javascript, you fetch all the elements of the DOM until you find those where you set an attribute (data-my-text-to-read) to define it's hhover event. Methode for all recents browsers.
    You can edit the sources of the HMI web pages in the web directory of your project directory.
    Hope that's help.

  • Unfortunately I'm not practical .. could you help me?

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