M-Bus in Neuron (for heat meters)

  • Hello everyone, I would like some detailed information if possible about the 485 port of the Neuron.I I have 40 counters and I should connect them to a Neuron..the bus used is a two-wire M-bus ... I would like to know if I can directly attack this bus directly to the gate 485 of the Neuron.I would like to know in addition how it should or I will have to do to read the counters already installed in the field .. I talk about using the Mervis programming software .. You can send me a tutorial something like that where you can take inspiration ?.
    I also wanted to know if these 40 counters I could put them in 40 well-defined historians in order to calculate an average annual consumption.
    if so how should I do? Thank you

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    @TriathletC RS485 and Mbus are totally different technologies. If you want to read mbus devices to Neuron, you need some converter (RS485 to Mbus) which will be able to power the number of meters on the bus. Mervis supports only the Mbus communication.

    Yes, if you log the data from the meters to the database, you can then have nice views to the data right from the online viewer or download it to excel.

  • Forum use a modbus rtu accessories, you do not need any right gateways? just connect the two wires to the rs485 neurinoma port right?

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    @TriathletC Sorry..?

  • I apologize, I wrote the domnda badly before.
    I ask if I had to interface with the type of probes that communicate in Modbus rtu a ... is it possible to connect them directly without any converter or gateway to the NeoRon Rs485?

  • Hi @tomas_hora,

    So what is the simplest way to read MBus with Neuron...with a MBus to RS485 converter or possibly with some MBus to USB converter? Can you recommend any converter?`


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    @Vesa-Kauppinen No, you have to use converter. @Vesa-Kauppinen I have seen this one http://www.a2s.pl/en/mbus10-rs485-p-7941.html but have not tried it... It should not be expensive and it can handle up to 10 units on the bus.

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