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    Good evening .. I ask a little help .. I entered username and password as a screen that I attach .. but when I go to open the HMI through the web .. does not require me to enter any user and password ..
    but it makes me see all the panels and makes me use everything .. and it's not okay I should protect everything from password ..

  • Unfortunately this is a known issue, which should be solved in the next version of the IDE, due to be released in a couple of weeks (the IDE is on a waterfall release schedule). The password is used only for access via the SSCP protocol, not the web HMI. The HMI in the older versions of the IDE was designed for use on display panels in secure internal networks, where this wasn't a significant issue - additional security could be provide through the program itself, or via physical security.

    In the next release we plan to include more smart-home oriented interface, including a web app for use with Mervis, which will be protected with encryption and password.

  • when it comes out?

  • We're still not completely certain, but we are in the finishing stages of development now.

    If you wish I can send you a beta version via PM.

  • I have not received your email to be able to download the beta version .. you could kindly send it back to my email thanks

  • I have messaged you on PM asking whether you want it, but I will.

    Do keep in mind that it is still in Beta.

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