Energy meter (T36)

  • I have a problem with an energy meter - Fuplabox T36. It stops evaluate the power consumption even if the impulses comes and the counter is counting them (the number of pulses is increasing in Debug mode). Have you ever met this problem?

    I am using Unipi Neuron S103 with a flowmeter connected to DI1 and an electricity meter connected to DI2. Impulse inputs are using the same power source as Neuron.

    I will be grateful for any advice.

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    @Hejča We have not observed such behavior with the T36 if the input is set correctly. We might need more information:

    • Version of IDE/RunTime, version of T36 (1.0 or 1.1) or better the whole project
    • Configuration of the input parameters
    • What period has the pulses which go to the input when the output stops to change? Having the graph of the input and output variable from the IDE would help a lot
    • Does the output stop at a certain value or does it sets to 0?

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    @Hejča Please try to use T37

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