Anomaly IP change in Unipi alone.

  • Good morning guy, hi have riscontrate one anomaly in Unipi.
    Hi have planned one uinipi and have created one HMI.
    the PLC is connected with cable LAN to a router adsl in ITALY with Telecom company.
    hi have planned that in the absence of electricity only to the router,
    to reconnect the network only on the router,
    the IP address to visualize the moniotr HMI created by me changed only IP address ... Why?

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  • administrators

    @TriathletC The IP changes because the ADSL router is a DHCP server that assigns the IP addresses randomly after each reboot to each DHCP client (eg. your PC and of course UniPi).

    If you do not want this, configure UniPi with a static IP address in PLC parameters within the range of your network.

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