Update Evok not working on Mervis image

  • I have replaced evok.conf with evok-neuron.conf in /etc dir and I have restarted evok service using systectl restart evok command but evok is not working on my neuron S103-G using UniPi-Mervis-OS-2017-08-28_v1.3.img. Is there also a way to upgrade evok to lastest version? I have found some files in /opt/evok but I can't find a quick way to upgrade it and make it work.

  • HI
    i use no mervis but under jessy and stretch i use

    git clone https://github.com/UniPiTechnology/evok
    cd evok
    chmod +x install-evok.sh uninstall-evok.sh
    sudo ./install-evok.sh

    But warning you have to make the update over nic not wlan
    in the setup there is a error when say make wlan ap .Its disconnect the Wlan


  • administrators

    @unix Evok is designed to work with the UniPian image, not with Mevis...

  • @tomas_hora evok comes installed with mervis img. I would like to know how to upgrade it

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    @roberts_lando It is there only to provide access to counters and DIs for UniPi 1 and is pretty old.. Why would you want two approaches to the IOs?

  • @tomas_hora Because I use both Node-Red and Mervis at the same time, for MQTT for example...

  • I think I will stop using Mervis as main IDE as it only works with the image you provide. I think a better approach would be having a runtime that can be installed in an existing SD with upgrading features, this approach makes each update very hard expecially if you have to work with lot Unipi devices at same time... I would have to reinstall the image in each device each time an update comes out than reinstall all other softwares I need

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