Alarm indicator disappears when active

  • I am trying to use the alarm indicator in Mervis HMI, NORMAL mode works ok, but whenever I make the alarm active, the indicator disappears from the screen. What am I missing?

    Inputs are as follows: Ack=0, reset=0, input=1 ---> indicator disappears
    ack=0, reset=0, input=0 ---> Normal


  • I have the same problem and have not managed to solve it.
    Here is the answer I received in a previous thread

  • The problem is that you attached input. In line AttachedValue you must maped variable AlrStatus (int). After that it should work.

  • Well, it works, kinda. But for some reason the SingleAlarmMemoryDelay module does not change the state even when its acknowledged or resetted. Or sometimes its just random. When debugging, the boolean variables are set in ack var as true, but the alarm module stays active.

    The same goes with other variables "sometimes" I set a global variable to some setting and in debug it shows ok, but the actual value in the module is something else. What am I missing?

  • @Iogo You are using block with delay. Maybe the error is, that time of delay is implicitly set to 30 seconds. Try to reduce time to 0 second and debug it. Did it help you?

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