Mervis HMI

  • Is there a manual in all functions of Mervis HMI.
    Can someone explain how the alarm function works
    Mervis HMI

  • No answer to my question in 28 days
    I think this is bad of unipi people.
    The documentation available is extremely poor.
    Then I think you can spend some time to answer questions here in the forum .

  • administrators

    Hello @zorro_66. I am sorry but sometimes we forget to answer to some topics...

    The alarm is based on a value 0..4 as shown in AlarmIndicatorValues.

    You have to take care of the logic of the alarm inside your program. Then just map the three variables (Value, Reset, Acknowledged) to act according to its name. Also check the AlarmIndicatorValues - the values 0-4 shoudl comply with the alarm state.

  • @zorro_66 Try maped to AttachedValue variable 'AlrStatus'.

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