Communication between UniPi & external RPi

  • Hi,

    for a smart home solution I have 2 UniPi's (and a stack of extension boards) as main computing units to automatically control shutters, light, alarms etc.
    In order to enable also manual changes for shutter positions or lights I like to install 2 Raspberry Pi's with a mounted touch panel at central positions - like this:

    The user shall be able to change settings on the UniPi(s) via the RPi or get information from the UniPi(s)
    Like this:

    How to realize a bidirectional communication (grey & orange) between RPi's and UniPi's? I2C? Ethernet? ....

    Thanks in advance

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    @CKB I recommend Ethernet... The second and more difficult issue will be: how you want to talk to each other and what sw you plan to use?

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  • @tomas_hora Many forums mention netcat as a very flexible tool for client/server applications - easy to use and it runs on any linux application.
    I find project examples where people connect two RPi's but unfortunately there is no project where they do the same with a RPi & a UniPi.
    I really would like to realize this setup since it is a key element to enable future steps with peripherals for voice/face recognition.

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    @CKB RPi is a part of UniPi. So if you want to interface the IOs of UniPi via netcat to, you can use EVOK and via http post... Examples of http post request is on evok's github

  • @tomas_hora the two UniPi's I have are running on Mervis. What about SoftPLC?

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    @CKB I do not have any experience with SoftPLC so I would recommend TCP Modbus server on the Mervis side...

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