How to connect UNICA and Unipi

  • Hi there,

    I'm pretty new to the Unipi / Unica and the 1Wire bus.
    I've got the Unica U1WTVS sensor, the Unipi rev 1.1 board and of course a Raspberry Pi 3, running with raspbian Jessie.

    I read the Documentation and made an RJ45 cable like shown in the unipi manual. I connected the Pins to the UNICA Sensor. When I open the unipi control panel, no 1Wire devices are shown.

    So my question is, if there's a tutorial or explanation how to connect the unica sensor and get it's data on the control panel. Do I have to make some preperations in the evok api?

    edit: When I start the /opt/evok/ i get the following message:
    Listening on port: 1025
    UniPi version:1.1
    Entering measure loop
    Entering 1wire loop
    Unsupported 1wire device DS2438 (2675FA0C02000054) detected

    I'm grateful for any help!

  • Hello M4kr,

    i've take same Sensors 1 y ago ant try'd to get running under fhem.
    maybe i can take temperature and 2two other values, but nobody here can tell how to convert correctly.
    so i can tell u one thing, the message "Unsupported 1wire device DS2438 (2675FA0C02000054) detected" tell you that your software dont know how to handle the device.
    Maybe i dont know evok, two things could be i think
    -first you need a definition of the DS2438 in evok to load (if it has one)
    -second you have to implement the definition yourself

    an DS2438 is wide known device, i think there would be anywhere a possible modul to load ;)
    my fhem know the DS2438, only the converting of the 2 values are tricky, anywhere u can change to fhem :)

    good luck

  • Hi devien

    Thank you very much for your reply.
    In the Unipi Control Panel, the device Sensor DS18B20 - 1
    is already shown.
    I found out, that in the /opt/evok/ the DS2438 is listed as a supported device (in the variable definitions).

    There was also a code block, which was commented out.
    In the /etc/evok.conf is only [SENSOR_1] (Type DS18B20) defined.
    So do I have to add the DS2438 as [SENSOR_2] in the evok.conf?

    Maybe you could provide me an example to get a better start into the world of 1wire :smirk:


  • hi M4kr
    i think you mean

    elif (typ == 'DS2438'):

    return DS2438(address, typ, bus, interval=interval, circuit=circuit)

    as codeblock, i think it can help to uncomment this part. that show to be the part in evok owclient to give knowing of your batterymonitor-part of the unica device.

    maby you have to reload (better restart the system) to load the changed module.

    after this check if the DS2438 now be loadet

    well i'm not sure, but if this doesnt help you can roll back ;)

    one wire are most easy, there was o lot to read online, beginning at wikipedia ;)

    good luck

    PS: feedback after would be nice

  • administrators

    @M4kr There are two parts that need to be uncommented. The definition of DS2438 claass and also enabling it in the code

    Reload evok and you should see the address of the sensor listed in the output of evok when runnin on hand: (not in the WEB interface)

    Than you can create a new sensor in the evok.conf

  • Hi @devien hi @tomas_hora

    Thank you very much for your help. Life could be easy if you ask the right people ;-)
    I commented out the class definition but forgot enableing the DS2438 in the code. After fixing that, it seems to work fine.
    I'll edit this post if any errors occur in relation to the DS2438.

    Thanks again for your help.


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