Relays stopped to work.

  • Hello,

    My Unipi relays stopped to answer.

    In Mervis Debugging they appear marked in red color, did someone had the same problem?
    I started a new project from scratch just like i did in the first time and and didn´t work, already reinstal Mervis also.


  • Hi,
    I have the same problem. Using latest Mervis IDE 2.0.11, relays are marked in red.

    How to solve?

  • No solution for this problem?

  • administrators

    @CKB and @rpalma could you provide more info? Things just do not stop working by themselves. Do you have the latest Mervis IDE 57589 installed and uploaded RunTime?

  • @tomas_hora

    Yes. I tried it both with the former version 57077 and 57589.

    Regarding the RT: I can upload it and IDE says "Capabilities parsing succeeded". But if I follow the manual and I want to reboot it fails several times. Only after a minute I get a successful (warm) reboot. 0_1499434357754_upload-1c4d023d-6c5a-47b7-b5b4-ce5bc42242e7

    It is the inital setup of this unipi. I completely followed the instructions but relays are always in red.
    Maybe there is a general fault in the configuration - I also have problems to detect the 1W temperature sensor from your shop. Comissioning mode >> Asign one wire sensors >> Found 0 sensors

    Edit: Think I found the problem: I have several relay extension boards connected. I set the first board on address x32 - same like the unipi on-board relays. With the extension boards being disconnected the on-board relay works.

    I actually thought the addresses printed on the extension boards (x32-x39) were free and one could add max. 8 extension boards? But if x32 is already reserved for unipi only 7 can be added. Am I wrong?

  • administrators

    @CKB That is correct, 0x32 is already taken by the relays on UniPi so you can theoretically add only 7 of EMO-R8

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