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  • Hello, I bought the UniPi 1.1 two weeks ago and I'm trying your Mervis software.
    I tried two versions of the image file: jessie-2016-07-29.img and jessie-2016-12-06.img
    The Mervis IDE software installed is: 2.0.11 (56707).

    It seems to detect the PLC:
    0_1497231883377_upload-0192ca02-b21a-463b-ba22-725250e2128f but the Runtime Version seems to bu outdated.

    When I try to updated with the Upload RT from the PLC Operation menu, I receive this following message:

    Clicking on the technical support brings me to this web site: http://domat-int.com/en/downloads/software/merviside
    Of course, this message appear: Error Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help.

    How can I upload and find the proper Runtime?
    Also, I went through the documentation and help of the software and I cannot find the Unipi Login or Password for the RaspBerry Pi 3 where the image is installed.

    Also, just to mention, lots of Error 404 on your unipi.technology web page.


  • administrators

    Hello @DanielGT, there will be a new Mervis OS image available later today compatible with the latest release of Mervis. Plese check it.

  • @tomas_hora

    It's working perfectly. Thanks.


  • Hello, I have installed new version. I am missing property „Web directory“. Icon is grayed and I am not able to upload Web. It probably happen when I clicked to upload new RT but I am not sure. I am using solution from older version. But even when create new solution I cant see it. Where can be problem?

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    @Martin-Trojan Sorry! A small typo during the creation of the installation. I will push a new version soon...

  • As Martin, I can't update the web properties.
    I'm not sure if it's the same problem, so here is the description.

    This is what I have:

    Following the manual we should have:

    Circled in red is what's missing from my Propoerties.

    Waiting for the new version.


  • administrators

    @DanielGT Yep, that is the same issue. The release should be ready today if everything goes well...

  • Thumb's up. Thanks.

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