Can't connect to Neuron_M10x_DI_2.XX

  • Hello
    I've created the project like "Mervis step by step Manual. pdf"
    I have a Neuron M103.
    When I use all the 4 input : Neuron_M10x_DI_1.01 to 1.04 ,
    the demo is working.
    But when I use the other input : Neuron_M10x_DI_2.01 to 2.08 ,
    the port stay in "RED" on debugger.
    and on the "Variable Browser" I see this :
    0_1495636282052_mervis bug.png

    What can I do the use the input 2.xx?

  • administrators

    @seb There is a bug in the HW description of the M10x. Please download this file0_1495698539968_UniPiTechnology.Neuron_M10x.1.hw rename it to UniPiTechnology.Neuron_M10x.1.hw and replace it with the one in your instalation sub-folder \HwLibrary\PlatformIO (eg. C:\Program Files (x86)\Mervis\IDE 2.0.10 (52674)\HwLibrary\PlatformIO)

    Then restart the IDE, delete the M10x from the TCP Modbus Channel and add it again, it should work well.

    Sorry for the inconveniences.

  • Great ! It's working !
    Thanks for your help !

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