No HDMI output on Raspberry 2

  • Hello there,
    I had tried to install UniPi-Mervis-OS-2016-12-06 iso image to raspberry pi 2 + UniPi 1.1 with newest kernel update, but I have no video output on hdmi. I had downloaded it from this link May be I am fool but I did not find a newer version at the link mentioned :) I need hdmi output at least for first system configuration like turn on ssh server and configuration of wifi network etc. I had used win32diskimager for image writing to memory card. Any solution? Thanks so much.

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    Hello @jarin01,

    if you did everything OK you should see at least the standard console with login prompt after the system boots up.

    But ssh is enabled by default on the Meris OS (root:unipi) so try to log in using ssh ;)

  • Good. SSH server works but hdmi not. May be it is some bug. Nevermind. Thank you for the quick reply. It will not be the last time. Thanks.

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