More than 1 xSxx on RS485

  • Hi,
    i'm try to build S103 + xS10 + xS30 + xS40 in this order but not works

    With only S103 + xS10 ( with software configuration = all dip to 0 ) it's works fine, but it's change any dip it's don't works

    set xS10 with DIP Off / Off / On / Off / Off / Off / Off / Off = NoEnd + Addr 1 + 19K + Even
    set xS30 with DIP Off / Off / Off / On / Off / Off / Off / Off = NoEnd + Addr 2 + 19K + Even
    set xS40 with DIP On / Off / On / On / Off / Off / Off / Off = End + Addr 3 + 19K + Even
    On S103 = Dip On = End
    On Mervis = create serial with Modbus / Serial / on S103...RS485, 19K, Parity Even, Stop One
    For HW connectivité use Pair take in RJ45 cable, and all it's fixe on DIN rail
    A = A = A = A and B = B = B = B
    Not works, in system monitor all trame it's "WRONG"
    In Documentation no information for Stop Bit, and no information for DIP S103

  • @proceau I have the same problem with xS10 using another MODBUS RTU tool on Linux
    when address bits all are off then led RX indicate incoming frames (but still xS10 doesn't respond for command over modbus)

    I saw firmeware on [](link url)
    where on changelog.txt is the information about
    " CHANGED:

    • Modbus configuration register change
      does it fix a problem? If yes which firmware is proper for xS10?

  • administrators

    @wizro_pl The software(default) parameters for extension when the address is set to 0 are: 19200, no parity, 8data bits.

    If you set the address using dip switch to other than 0, than all the hardware configuration is applied. There was an issue at some older firmwares, that the polarity of speed or parity was different than the desrciption on the case. If you hava a USB-RS485 converter, you can reflash the firmware using the Utility.

    Also make sure that you have the newest images which implement proper handling of the Serial lines so the configuration of the parameters are no longer needed to be configured via the UART config register on Neuron PLC.

  • Where I can find a lastes firmware for xS10, folder "latest" is empty

    I have xS10 SN:0000000001 (probably it is the oldest)

    "There was an issue at some older firmwares, that the polarity of speed or parity was different than the desrciption on the case." -how should I set speed and polarity to get connection without reflashing firmware?

    Strange is:
    When I set address on dip switch, RX on xS10 doesn't indicate communication. When address is set to 0 than RX on xS10 indicate communication.

  • administrators

    @wizro_pl and @proceau I am sorry but in some cases of the Neuron xS, there has been an issue that the firmware which we use for testing has been left there instead of reflashing to the production FW.

    If you have the USB-RS485, please use the neuron_extension_FW_tool and reflash it on your own. If not, please let us know on our email and we will reflash the unit for you if you ship it back to us.

    We are sorry for the inconveniences.