Read Inputs with Python

  • Hi guys,

    i´m really new to this and have a problem..
    I´ve read all the things on github, but i just won´t get a clear mind.
    I just want to read Input 1 of the board. Why can´t i just write a python programm where i read the GPIO 04 (Pin 07 on the Raspi) to read Input 1?
    What else do i have to do? I really don´t get it.. Are there some examples for reading Inputs in Pyhton?
    Please help me and thanks a lot for your time.

    Greetings s0fralk

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    Hello @s0fralk,

    do you use Neuron or UniPi 1? Evok is API or set of API (not a library) so if you want to use it, choose one of the APIs available. Eg.

  • I use the unipi 1.
    You mean i have to install a library like json, to get access to the inputs and make use of them in a python program?
    Then i do not understand why there is a table in the users manual, where you show which gpio on the raspi belongs to the different inputs of the unipi?

    Greetz s0fralk

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    Basically yes, I recommend websocket but it is up to you what is your approach.

    That is for those, who want to develop their own application like Evok which will take care of the low level work with GPIOs and I2C.

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