UNIPI V1.1 analog output problem

  • Hi,

    We are currently working on an project with the usage of UNIPI V1.1. We are using codesys for programming because of the well-known language. We are almost at the last step of the beta setup and we are having issue with the Analog Out ( mostly PWM). If everything work fine, we will need order many UNIPI product.

    We are using external power source, correct wired.
    We are using Meanwell 12v Power supply and we set jumper correctly and al work fine.

    The only one problem is the AO.

    AOV +12v
    AOG to common
    On AO there is already 10v even without value on the AO into codesys.

    Is there something we missed? Raspbian config to enable pwm or anything. We need answer please.

    If everything work, we will need analog out/PWM out expension card.

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    @lefrank01 Does the voltage on AO changes when you set it to any value using Codesys?

  • I have seen this issue reported a couple of times. On each occasion it was resolved by a clean install of Raspbian, followed by an install of CODESYS for Raspberry Pi and running the install script that installed as part of CODESYS for UniPi (See the data sheet for install instructions).

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