Unipi mit USV

  • Hallo,
    I tried to connect unipi V1.1 with RPI 3 and PIUSV+ . PIUSV+ is configured to monitor the power of the pi and sends a shutdown signal after a specific time of no power, during this time the pi is powered from a battery . The raspberry boots and after 5 seconds (as piusv+ configured) is shutting down .
    It seems that when connecting the 3 parts together, the PIUSV+ notices a power off and starts a shutdown process, although the pi is powered on.
    This is happenning in regardless of the case of JP1 (mounted or dismounted).
    While connecting the unipi V1.1 with RPI 2 and PIUSV+ everything is working fine.
    Unipi v1.1 with RPI 2 or 3 work also without problems
    is there any explanation for this case?

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    Hello @n.sawas,

    you should definitely use the PIUSV with the JP1 DISmounted as you will be powering the RPi via the microUSB right?

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