Adding MCP23017 on i2c

  • I am building a custom board with a MCP23008 and some other gadgets. I need a way to access the i2c bus and address this chip. Since the UniPi already has one on board, there should be no problems. From what I figure out, I just make a new instance of the class UnipiMcp with the correct address. After digging into the sources, I figured out how to add a config block.

    i2cbus = 1 ; link to I2CBUS_X
    address = 0x21 ; i2c address

    Look suspiciously similar to a EMO-R8 doesn't it?

    So I can treat my odd card just like the EMO-R8 even if it does something completely different?

  • administrators Basically yes, but since I do not know much about your board it is hard to tell.

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