HMI cant make connection

  • I am using Mervis IDE version 2.0.10 (52674) from Your download directory. When I want to make a connection I get:
    Error during retrieving variables: ESG.SharkPLC.ExecutableImage.ExecutableImageException: Invalid image.

    bij ESG.SharkPLC.ExecutableImage.SharkExecutableImage.ReadSectionInfo(Endianness endianness, BinaryReader br, Boolean alignTo8Bytes)

    bij ESG.SharkPLC.ExecutableImage.SharkExecutableImage.ReadContent(BinaryReader br, Boolean strippedImage)

    bij ESG.SharkPLC.ExecutableImage.SharkExecutableImage.ReadFromStream(Stream stream, Boolean strippedImage)

    bij ESG.SharkPLC.ExecutableImage.SharkExecutableImage.ReadFromFile(String fileName, Boolean strippedImage)

    bij ESG.RcWare.SCADA.Application.Shared.Variables.SharkImageVariablesProvider.Retrieve()

    on the new .exs file
    Mervis HMI version is

    Kind Regards

    Jan Mol

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    @Jan-Mol Could you please describe it a little bit more in details? Where is this error log taken from and what .exs file do you mean?

  • Very simple:
    Make a new HMI project, select a new image and then try to get a analog indicator from your MDI project into your image.
    You have to make a connection (mostly default connection) in the properties to a so called shark image file (.exs) from your (perfect running) Mervis IDE project with software version At the moment that you click 'retrieve' to get a list off all parameters in the MDI you will get this error.
    At this moment is is not possible to make a HMI project with HMI version from a MDI project with version

    Kind Regards,

    Jan Mol

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