1-Wire: Send bits to DS2408

  • Hi everybody,
    I've worked a bit with the RPi before but I'm still a total noob.
    What I wanted to ask is how to get a Signal from the UniPi to a controller (the DS2408, which takes 8-bit signals).

    For startes I don't even know what software to use. I have been looking and trying. I had no results with Evok. I found OWFS (+Python-OW) but didn't get it to run on my UniPi, and then I have seen Mervis and FHEM but haven't tried those out jet.

    As I told you, I'm a total noob and your help would be greatly appreciated. I have been having this problem for 2 weeks.

    Thank you very much,

    (By the way what I finally want to do is to control a heating network trough the office. This throug various Thermostates that are set by an Voltage. Lets say 10V<-->Max, 0V<-->Off)

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    @Kitaps We used this IC in our 1Wire IO expanders, however do not expect realtime reactions. 1Wire is a slow sensors network. On top of that, you have to be carefull when soldering it because it can be damaged easily.

    There is support for the IC in evok so check your connection. You should see it in evok listed under sensors or in the output of debug mode.

  • @tomas_hora Thank you Tomas, I'll check it out. And don't worry for the realtime reactions. This are things that will be on for hours so some minutes more or less won't make a difference.

  • @tomas_hora Hi again Tomas, sorry but I really am like a total noob and couldn't understand how to use your code. Also what is a IC? Did you mean I2C?
    Also I'm not soldering, so no worrys :)
    Thanks for your patience

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    @Kitaps IC stands for Integrated Circuit. What code?

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