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  • I am struggling to set up PWM control on my unipi using Mervis.

    I have tried the analog output on the main unipi board. It is hard to find the appropriate variable associated with it in software. Is it UniAodicountersAO01, or UniAodicountersAO01-r. On the PCB there is only one analog output, and it is labeled AO1. Not matching any of the descriptions in the software.
    Then, I purchased the AO board with four Analog outputs, hoping that the labeling would be more helpful. It was.
    But there is no information leaflet with it. It has a power input, I connected a 12V power source to it, and hooked up the AOV and AOG terminals to it. Then I connected the board to the I2C port on the unipi.
    I am getting two green lights on the auxiliary board!
    I think I need to put the Unipi in commissioning mode, and look for the auxiliary board. I gave it decimal address 71, and went back to normal mode. Updated variables for HW, ad I can see a fair number of ports. It worries me that only ports 5-15 are labeled with something including PWM in their name. The primary four ports (0-3) are just labeled EMO-AO4_channel0 through AO4_channel3. I am assuming these are the ones ....
    Then hooking up the ports in software: there is no library box for PWM - that is to say, there is one, but it is clearly labeled V 1.0. Is there something similar for Unipi V 1.1???
    It seems like it might do what I need ...

    I know I am a newbie here, but I would appreciate some help ..

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    • UniAodicountersAO01
      • is the variable that you should write to, the one ending with _r is a read-only variable that is there only if you want to know what is actually set to the variable (eg. after reboot)
    • EMO-AO4/12
      • the two leds are OK
      • you do not need any library box for that, whatever you write to the EMO-AO4_channel0 - 3 is the value in miliVolts on the output (the same as for the AO on UniPi)
      • the remaining 5-15 are PWM channels wired out to the pin header and is usable eg. for led blinking

  • @administrators
    Thanks for your reply. It helps, but it is still not working. Could it be because I was in full mode and variables do not map automatically?
    I will give it a go in simple mode

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    @karel505 That might be the cause. Let me know if it worked or no :)

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