Setting up 8 Channel 1-wire expander

  • I hooked up 8 channel 1-wire expander to the I2C, and messed around in Mervis trying to get it up an running without luck. Is there a document that describes how to set it up? If not, can you list out the steps on the forum that way others will be able to search and locate it.


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    It is the same as with the temperature sensors but you have to first add the device you have (depending on the hw configuration, because the IDE cannot determine it) and then assign it when having the UniPi in commisioning mode.

    All described in documentation here or in our youtube videos

  • Ok, I am having an issue with the I2C, I cannot get the 8 channel 1-wire extender working properly and now I cannot get the 4 AO expansion board working either. So it leads me to believe I am having an address problem, what address do I enter in Mervis when I select on the board?

    For instance, the first one, 0 0 0 40 64



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    First se an address that is available, eg 65 (in decimal), then you need to tell mervis about it by adding it to the I2C channel with the proper address (also in decimal format). See if it works or not, in some recent releases of Mervis there was an issue with the expander. But if you face it, I will send you a file that will fix it.

  • I was finally able to get back to working on it. I was able to get the AO board working, for some reason the address I was trying was not working. I change the DIP switches and entered the address in Mervis and good to go.

    Thank You

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