MervisIDE <_> neuron

  • On Neuron 203, yesterday i installed, on SD card "jessie-2016-07-29" image, there was no problem to connect with MervisIDE, today i installed "jessie-2016-11-04" on SD card MervisIDE cant connect to neuron any more.

    Yesterday when i vas testing the neuron, there was no way to set any ouotput reelay to work, also in settings i could not find the right reelay board.

    Anybody has same problems ?


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    we have just uploaded a new version of Mervis IDE 2.0.7 - 50213 that works well with the OS from 4.11. Please test it and let me know.


  • Thank you for so quick response.

    Now i can connect but, now i have this error.

    "Error PLC 0 1 Target controller is running old runtime, update is required"


  • Ok i was too fast, i updated the RT now connection an deploying solution works fine.

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