NodeRed image-20220412.0 broken?

  • Hi,

    I just downloaded the neuron-node-red_image-20220412.0 image from the website and flashed it on my neuron S103 (S/N 119).
    It starts up fine, but then I see no inputs or outputs on the evok control panel:


    The log available on the configuration page of the control panel shows these errors:


    Also, the output of http://neruon-ip/rest/all is as follows:

    [{"glob_dev_id": 1, "last_comm": 0.06825900077819824, "ver2": "1.0", "sn": 119, "circuit": "1", "model": "S103", "dev": "neuron", "board_count": 0}, {"bus": "/dev/i2c-1", "interval": 3.0, "dev": "owbus", "scan_interval": 300.0, "circuit": "1", "do_scan": false, "do_reset": false}]

    Do note the "board:count : 0", is that expected?

    The node-red ui itself with the default flow seems fine, but nothing happens when i try to switch a DO on (the led on the neuron does not light up).

    The hardware itself was working fine with a couple-of-years old image, I believe this must be a software issue, nothing should be wrong with the hardware.

    Any ideas?



  • And broken it is.

    I found out I had many SPI CRC2 errors in my kernel logs.
    Looking around I found this post

    It turns out the stock image 20220412.0 for nodered actually ships with the broken revision 1.108 of the kernel module.
    Thanks to @knebb 's instructions I was able to downgrade to v1.106 and my neuron seems to be working fine again.

    I hope someone from the customer support gets to see this post and fixes the image quickly.
    Guys, you have a terrific product line (I bought two neurons and some accessories over the years and I am a very happy customer), but you should really improve the regression testing before releasing: it is not the first time I have problems when trying to use an official image: see here

    I might be able to provide you with some logs in case you need help in troubleshooting on older hardware (S103 S/N 109 from 2017): just contact me in the next couple of days - then I'll have to put the system back on the field.


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