"UNIPISPI: SPI CRC2 Not Correct" - why?

  • Hi,

    I noticed recently these messages in my syslog:

    Apr  9 08:53:33 zentrale kernel: [  200.867042] UNIPISPI: part1 b3:07:00:00
    Apr  9 08:53:33 zentrale kernel: [  200.972499] UNIPISPI: SPI CRC2 Not Correct: 2108 COMPUTED: 23f8
    Apr  9 08:53:33 zentrale kernel: [  200.972524] UNIPISPI: len=36, part1=fa:00:55:0e part2=00:82:00:a0:09:c5:80:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00
    Apr  9 08:53:33 zentrale kernel: [  200.977253] UNIPISPI: SPI CRC2 Not Correct: 3200 COMPUTED: 10e5
    Apr  9 08:53:33 zentrale kernel: [  200.977276] UNIPISPI: len=42, part1=fa:00:55:0e part2=01:01:04:c0:00:00:00:0c:00:00:00:11:e5:00:40:00
    Apr  9 08:53:33 zentrale kernel: [  200.979490] UNIPISPI: SPI CRC1 Not Correct (Received: 0000 Calculated: 9b77)

    I understand there is some CRC32 mismatch possibly related to some SPI device.

    But what does it mean in detail and how can I prevent this message- or is something seriously broken?
    I haven't noticed anything not working- but I am not using SPI devices (afaik).

    Thanks in advance!


  • Hi,

    meanwhile I found a "solution" based on this post.

    I did an

    apt-cache policy unipi-kernel-modules

    which revealed the available version names.
    Followed by

    apt install unipi-kernel-modules=

    it installed the previous version and all is smooth again.

    Still, this is a workaround but not a solution.


  • Hi,

    i'm experiencing the exact same problem on a freshly flashed SD card with neuron-node-red_image-20220406.0.zip

    @knebb your tip fixes this, so thanks for that.

    i guess it probably needs a more structural fix, so hopefully this will be included in the next available flash image...

    thanks anyway for posting this... it fortunately solves my problems without a lot of haystacking

    Cheers, Tony

  • Hi,

    Same problem still present on neuron-node-red_image-20220412.0, see here for details
    Thanks to you @knebb I am now able to use my system again. Let's hope they fix this soon.


  • @rob
    I just upgraded to unipi-kernel-modules and it looks like they fixed the error.

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