Node-Red and Unipi extensions.

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    I'm working with Unipi Neuron for a few months now on a very basic level.
    As I am now switching from Mervis to Node-Red, it's all very new to me.

    My Unipi Neuron L203 has two xS11 extensions connected to it which are communicating perfectly with the Mervis IDE. With Node-Red now, I have no idea how to get them linked to the Neuron. I went through some tutorials how to set up the modbus et cetera but everything about this is top of the notch rocket science to me.

    Does anyone has a step by step tutorial how to set this up?
    Any help is more than welcome!

    Reason of the switch to Node-Red is because I need MQTT support to use my Android app with.


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    Hi @Schteven,
    since the Node-RED is using Evok API, the best way is to configure the Evok to read the extensions as well. This is done in the /etc/evok.conf. There are prepared and commented blocks, you can see the default version here:

    Once the config is updated, you need to restart the Evok (sudo systemctl restart evok), or the whole PLC. Now you will have the additional datapoints available via the API.

    You can find out about the configuration of the extensions here:

    Best regards,

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