SD Card fails after current cut

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    for the second time, the program of my L 203 no longer works, and the SD card is out of order, and it happens when there is a power cut. luckily I made a copy of the map. these are good quality cards. do you know the cause? A solution to avoid the problem, with batteries? thank you in advance

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    Hello @msoenen,
    this is unfortunatel typical behaviour. No matter how good the card can be, if the system is writing data to the card and the power outage happens, the card is most likely to be toasted.

    We have better experience with the SLC type of SD cards, but even those are prone to the failures. The long term solution was the Axon (and now the Patron) product line, which replaced the SD card for a eMMC.

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    Thanks for answer

    I will try to make a backup power supply with batteries so as not to have sudden stops

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