Analog output 0-10V

  • Dear community,

    I'm struggling in configuring the 0-10 V output. I'd like to use the AO_2.01_w output where a 2 kOhm resistor is installed. I configured the output similarly to a previously discussed topic: UniPi L503 - mervis - Analog output 0-10V | value 0-100
    The global variable (type = REAL) which is connected to the output is set to constant 10. I tried 100 as well. (I used the the two point scaling x1=0, x2=100, y1=0, y2=100, so no scaling basically...) However, I can't measure an appropriate voltage difference over the resistor in any case.
    Does anyone has an ideas what I'm doing wrong?

    Thanks for your help,

  • Hey again,

    I could solve the problem. I should have read the docs in more detail:
    "The register expects values in range of 0 – 4000 which equals the range of 0 – 10 V." 👌
    Sorry for spamming the forum here...


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