UniPi L503 - mervis - Analog output 0-10V | value 0-100

  • In a program with dimmers we use the AO's to dim a 0-10V module.
    That works fine, but it is not clear to us why the analoge output has a 0-10V voltage, and a 0-100 value(in the properties of mervis). Where the first 0-10 value represents the 0-10V on the exit.
    How can we use the 0-100 value that represents the 0-10V on the exit (example a value of 25 would result in a 2.5V on the output).
    If it would not be clear: When we now reach a value of 10 we have already reached the 10 volt on the output, the other 90 values, do not make any difference.

    Is there a solution for this (some configuration,...)?

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    Hello @bart-delaere,
    the easiest way is to use a simple DIV function block, via which you will divide the setpoint variable value by 10 before sending to AO:


    More systematic way, yet more prone to errors, is to use transformation on the write variable:


    Best regards,

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