Configuration Neuron M203 failed

  • Hello everybody

    I have problem to get new configuration to M203. During uploading configuration by Mervis I am getting this error :


    It's very odd because IP setting is correctly set. I can ping PLC and PLC see WAN.

    What i've done :

    1. I install OS (Raspberrian) and EVOK
    2. Set DirectSwitch's on some DI (through web) and all went well
    3. Erase OS by cleaning SD card
    4. I install new OS - MervisOS
    5. If i get configuration on Mervis, i see all DI with DirectSwitch=Disabled. But DS is still on ! I am not able to change it through Mervis.

    I am pretty new at Mervis, so any help is appriciated :)

    Thanks in advance


  • administrators

    Hello @LubomirMaron,

    If you decide to go with Meris, do not mix other solution - the direct switch functionality can be configured in Mervis as well. You see it's disabled because Mervis does not read the actual configuration from the device. It expects that the IDE is the only tool to configure the HW so the latest configuration should be there.

    However, the previous configuration of DirectSwitch should not have any affect to Mervis. Are you able to deploy the solution to the PLC? Could you share yoru solution with us?

  • Hello Tomas

    Thanks for response. As a first think, I instal EVOK, set the DirectSwitch on DI and used it for half a year. After that i wanted to switch to Mervis, so i reinstal OS on card. I use empty (default) project, in simple mode of IDE. I just want to change DirectSwitch configuration. And deploing Solution seems ok, Mervis said : Solution upload was succesfull.

  • administrators

    Hello @LubomirMaron,
    deploying of the solution doesn't affect the configuration of the IOs. You need to "Configure the Unipi Module":

    Best regards,

  • Hello @Martin-Kudláček

    I know, when I hit "Configure the Unipi module" error I mentioned up appears.
    (Failed to connect to PLC, or confired device not available. Probably incorrect IP settings).

    By the way.
    TCP Parameters in properties panel is set to loopback and device port is 502 by default.
    And mode switch to Commision mode seems working.


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